8 February 2013

Earthy restaurant and deli shop, Cannonmills - Edinburgh

For the last few weeks, with a few empty days in my uni schedule,  I've been on the hunt for some of Edinburgh's hidden foodie treasures. 
I first came across Earthy on a wander round Edinburgh's new town and immediately booked a table for my mum and I when she first came to visit- it's just her kind of place- full of really healthy, organic and seasonal produce and a quirky cafe to enjoy it all in.

Ever since then, I've jumped at the opportunity to return and this weekend I spent most of a rainy afternoon in Edinburgh pottering around their beautiful deli shop which has the most amazing range of fresh produce, breads, veg and an extensive range of gluten free and health food products- all of which were way too tempting!

You can tell that Earthy has a real interest in honest, well-cooked food and their attitude towards producing seasonal meals and supporting local producers is really encouraging.

They have recently been voted Best Scottish Ethical Restaurant in 2012 and Scotland's No.1 Independent retailer in 2011 in the Observer Food Monthly Awards. 

They also hold foodie events such as their Coconut Curry Club with unique menus showcasing the best curries of different countries.  They now also host "Come Quiz With Me" nights on a Monday evening from 7.30pm involving a very foodie quiz and an tasty Earthy supper as well.
The Earthy restaurant and deli are situated at 1-6 Cannonmills Bridge, Edinburgh however there are also two more earthy stores including another cafe in Edinburgh.

The menu at Earthy changes regularly, focusing on the best of the local seasonal produce that Edinburgh has to offer at that time of year. 

I was treated to an Earthy supper last weekend. The menu is short with 4 or 5 options per course but they all sounded delicious and there was something for everyone's taste. 

We chose a pearl barley risotto with winter squash, goats cheese and hazelnut to start. This was followed by fillet of hake with crushed sweet potatoes, wilted kale, Harissa and lemon oil and duck breast with allspice, roasted baby beetroots, garlicky greens and sauté potatoes. 

The pearl barley risotto was DELICIOUS. It was really refreshing to taste a risotto made with pearl barley rather than rice as it had a lighter texture which contrasted well with the hazelnuts and was flavoured beautifully with goats cheese and winter squash.

The hake was also cooked to perfection and the slightly spicy sweet potato and veg gave it a wonderfully wintery touch.
This is the sort of food for a true foodie! 

The pomegranate seeds were a blissful addition to the duck too- it had the most amazingly intense and rich sauce

We topped it off with vanilla and heather honey panna cotta with apple and raisin compote and walnut praline.
All the desserts looked delicious and were beautifully presented. I'm normally a huge fan of panna cotta and although it was perfectly creamy, I couldn't taste much of the vanilla of heather honey flavourings, however the raisin compote and walnut praline accompaniments were delicious. 

I could quite easily make a whole afternoon out of visiting Earthy, enjoying some of their delicious gluten free bakewell tart and watching the world go by. It has a lovely warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The restaurant has a really quirky style with effective lighting and their foodie mottos painted on the walls. I particularly liked their big wall mural.

It's a great place to go at any time of the day- I hear they also do outstanding brunches! 

I recommend it highly to anyone for a delicious dinner, afternoon tea, healthy and quick lunches or even just for a stroll round their deli to pick up a few things for supper.




0131 556 9699


0131 556 9696




SAT & SUN: 9AM – 6PM



SUN: 10AM – 5PM


THURS-SAT: 6.30PM – 10.30PM (LAST ORDERS 9.45 PM)

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