6 February 2013

Swiss Bircher Muesli

Just a quick mid-week post in-between all my essay writing! Somehow I have managed to do everything else this week apart from any work- which seems to be a worryingly recurring theme!

After nearly 5 months of canteen breakfasts at Uni- which is now becoming ever so tedious and not that appealing, I couldn't face another bowl of plain cereal for breakfast when I popped home last weekend.
I am a big fan of oats and fruit in the morning, especially as I'm gluten free and so can't indulge in all those delicious breakfast pastries. 
Very frustrating. 
So this is just a very quick recipe to share with you for bircher muesli- a Swiss breakfast dish that contains rolled oats mixed with dried fruit and nuts and soaked overnight to make a sort of rich and creamy porridgy texture.
Definitely something worth waking up to. 

It's so easy to make and can be left in the fridge overnight to soak - which actually makes it even better and means you can make it the night before a busy morning. 
I used whatever we had in the cupboards and raided the fresh fruit from the fridge but there are many versions of Bircher Muesli and you can add a little bit of whatever you fancy. 


Rolled oats
Apple juice (I used Innocent apple and raspberry juice)
Yoghurt (I used Rachel's organic rhubarb)
Grated fresh apple and pear(with skin on)
Cinnamon/vanilla extract
Sunflower seeds or whatever nuts and seeds you fancy e.g.. flaked almonds, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts
Dried fruit such as raisins, dried apricots, dried papaya etc.
Fresh blueberries, raspberries

Super easy to make:

Measure out your oats. Normally 50g is your typical serving per person but it depends how hungry you're feeling in the morning! Soak the oats in a mixture of apple juice and milk until they are covered (usually about 1/2 mug of each) and then add a few tablespoons of yoghurt and your grated apple and/or pear. Stir thoroughly and if your oats have soaked up a lot of the liquid already, add a little more.At this point flavour with cinnamon or vanilla extract if using and then add the dried fruit and nuts or seeds. 
Leave in the fridge overnight in a covered container and serve with fresh fruit or you could use poached or roasted fruit and a drizzle of honey.
It's such a nice refreshing change yet so easy to make and will keep you full till lunchtime- that's if you don't finish off the rest of the fresh fruit as a mid-morning snack! 

I've also just been to the most amazing and totally foodie restaurant and deli shop in Edinburgh that will follow on the blog shortly! 

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  1. I love rolled oats but have never tried soaking them like this before. Looks delicious!


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