11 July 2014

Radio- Copenhagen

There is something very chic about Copenhagen. For one, I've never seen people so well dressed and so beautiful in all my life- perfectly manicured women cylcing to work as elegantly as possible accompanied by men who look like they've just walked out of a Hugo Boss commercial- depressing, huh! (I felt in comparison, like I'd just been pulled out of a hedge backwards!)

Even the restaurants are super trendy and at the forefront of elegant, yet natural and healthy dining. One prime example is Radio. 

Now this is just my kind of restaurant- amazingly attentive and knowledgable staff, a beautiful sleek and natural interior filled with wooden furniture(common in all), funky chairs and industrial style lighting- a feature inherent to a lot of these new and trendy restaurants that seek to pair back dishes to showcase natural ingredients.
We went for the five course tasting menu which for 400dkk is pretty good value. They also have a few specials each day that you can add on to your meal as extra courses. 

We started with the most amazing sourdough bread ever and an incredibly addictive whipped caramelised butter- we devoured this and then asked for more- something that was greated with huge surprise- I think these slim Scandinavian women steer clear of the sourdough!

Our first course was scallops, cucumber and seaweed. I felt like I really was eating a piece of the sea with this dish- it was fresh and light. We literally ate this so fast that I didn't have a chance to grab a photo! 

Next was mackerel, lettuce and parsley- just look at the bright green of that parsley purée. The lettuce was burnt- I know- we also wondered whether this was intentional but indeed it was and I actually loved it- a subtle smokeyness with delicious oily mackerel. 

Then potatoes with  smoked cheese and beans. This was interesting- not my favourite dish as the smoked cheese slightly overpowered the rest, but still a really interesting mix of flavours and textures. 

Next was chicken, cabbage and garlic. Not much to say about this apart from perfectly cooked tender and soft chicken, crisp lettuce and a beautifully creamy garlic sauce topped with thyme flowers.

I then chose a extra course of pork with spring onions and blueberries. My god was I glad I chose this- absolutely delicious!! I guess I'd never thought of putting pork with blueberries. Silly really as meat and fruit pairs so well together, especially in this dish! This was truly divine ( and at this point I was really regretting the extra basket of sourdough!)

To finish we had strawberries with spruce and verbena. Probably one of the most unusual desserts I've had- what with Christmas tree as an flavour, but we decided the best dish of the lot. Soft marinated strawberries with strawberry sorbet, a spruce biscuit and verbena that was refreshing and delicate. 

Everything we had was really well cooked and presented- I felt like it's a place that really does take a lot of care in how it serves its dishes and every time you were served a new course, the staff came over and explained each element- v.helpful as after quite a few courses you can get a bit confused as to what you actually ordered!

Be warned- its very popular so book quick!! 

Also, if you're ever looking for somewhere to stay in Copenhagen- stay here! This hostel, Copenhagen Downtown hostel, is amazing. It's really clean, really friendly and the busiest place in the city pretty much every night. They even do free supper!! (what's not to like!)

Also if you happen to be looking for somewhere good for breakfast then check out this little brunch spot. It's called Frenchy and is run by a french man who serves the most amazing brunch platter... just feast your eyes on that!


  1. Oh my Katie- what a wonderful trip!
    I love all the cute little brightly coloured houses, they look straight out of a fairytale!
    And yes, all the Nowegian women are so skinny too....feasting on a whole carrot as a mid lacrosse tournament...I kid you not!
    This meal looks phenomenal, with some pretty unusual pairings, I bet you've got loads of inspiration to come back and cook for us.
    Lots of love
    x x x

    1. I would love to live in one of those coloured houses- they're just so cool! xx

  2. I've never been to Copenhagen but I really must. Also, I could really do with that brunch platter right about now!

    Katie <3

    1. I had been waiting to go there for ages- I just love the whole simple, elegant Scandinavian style!xx


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