6 May 2015

stockholm - part 3: Pom & Flora

It poured it down on our last morning.
So, naturally our plan was to café-hop.

After breakfast in the hotel, we went for a stroll, umbrellas at the ready, through the Sofo district making our way in the direction of Urban Deli.
Urban Deli is a huge food market and shop selling seriously delicious homemade goods, organic and seasonal fruit and veg and a whole array of different traditional Swedish products along with international brands and health foods. It also has a café and bar at the back along with a deli counter. If I lived in this area of Stockholm, I’d definitely head there for fresh produce or something special to whip up for dinner.

From there we headed over to Pom & Flora, passing by Gildas Rum café on our way. (Gildas Rum is another Green Kitchen Stories recommendation and serves amazing cakes!)

By this point it was tipping it down with rain and we basically ran into the cosy confines of Pom & Flora. It was heaving as I expected it to be at the weekend- but with a great Sunday morning vibe to it and groups of friends enjoying steaming hot coffee and brunch.  Although we’d only had breakfast a few hours ago, we had to try their brunch platter after seeing the waiters carry it pass us to the surrounding tables.

I fell in love with this café- its really cosy and its prices are really reasonable. We decided to share the brunch platter for 1 as we couldn’t justify ordering 2 as our second breakfast of the day!

The menu is only in Swedish so we weren’t really sure of what we had ordered but it was the perfect mix. Dark rye read with avocado and black sesame seeds, creamy natural yoghurt with berry compote and granola, freshly baked sourdough bread with cheese and homemade scones served with cream cheese and orange marmalade.  Orange juice and limitless tea is also included – perfect news for tea-aholics like me!

If you didn’t know about Pom & Flora, its unlikely that you’d stumble across it as it’s slightly further out of the typical tourist route. However, I’d definitely recommend visiting it, especially during the weekends (but be warned you may have to wait a minute for a table as its brunch its very popular with the locals!)

Unfortunately there was only so many cafes we could fit into three days and so there are still many more on my list to try when I return one day! If you’re looking for other recommendations then I’d also try out Saturnus – a café in the northern part of Stockholm that is rumoured to serve the biggest and best cinnamon buns or some of the many cafes specialising in raw food such as Matapoteket or STHLM Raw.

I fell completely in love with the city whilst I was there- apart from the awful weather – I loved every part of it: the food, its atmosphere, its style and its beautiful smiley people! I’d move there in an instant if I could but would be very concerned for the state of my bank account and the size of my hips based on my cinnamon-bun addiction!!

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  1. Dear Katie,

    thanks a lot for adoring Stockholm! ;-)
    I fell in love to this city around 1992 and it never stopped. I live there some months a year and know all the places you show here. It's so nice to see them when being apart!

    I write a lot about Stockholm in my blog frauenotiert.de Some posts are on English, in case you might want to have a look in there to get inspiration for the next time there. ;-)

    Have a great weekend!



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